Monday, August 10, 2015

A Dream Chicken Coop

We've had the same old coop for about 25 years and for the last couple of years we haven't had any chickens, so the weeds have filled the run and the bugs have been multiplying like crazy.  I decided it was time to get chickens again, but I just hated the old drafty coop and worried about the chickens in the winter.  I decided to build a new coop, and if I was going to build it anyway, it might as well be fun to look at too.

Step 1: Demolition! Susan and I along with the grandkids and Robin's grands had a great time, especially Aidyn knocking the old one down and pulling nails out of the wood.  We wanted to use as much of the old wood as we could, although there really wasn't much that was good when all was said and done.

It took most of a day, but we had success and were ready to begin again.

 I didn't get a lot of pictures building the coop, but thanks to all those that came to help me get the walls up and the roof boards on.  Here it is ready to paint.

 The painting had to wait for the weather to cooperate, since we'd been having rain every day, but we finally got it done and here it is.

I can gather the eggs without ever going in the coop.

The west window (below) looks like this when it's closed....

 and like shutters when it's opened.

Here are the nest boxes on the inside.

We insulated so it would be warm in the winter and I won't have to lay awake worrying.
 And we got the roost in and spread some straw.

 It's move in day!!!

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